Watching the Funeral of a Young Law Enforcement Officer

Watching the Funeral of a Young Law Enforcement Officer

Today I watched the funeral of a local young Police Officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty, Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller. As a 30 plus year Law Enforcement Officer, I have witnessed way too many of these funerals. With tears streaming down my face I think of Officer Jobbers-Miller’s fiancée, his mom and dad, the rest of his family and all of his fellow officers at the Fort Myers Police Department. The feeling of loss is almost overwhelming. The emptiness left at the loss of a son, brother, fiancée, partner, fellow-worker.

Officer Jobbers-Miller is the eighty-sixth (86) Law Enforcement Officer to be killed in the line of duty in the United States and the eight (8) in Florida in 2018. As I write this watching the funeral the number has grown to ninety-one (91) Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty. Men and women who have gone into dangerous situations to protect people from evil sacrificing their lives.

Officer Jobbers-Miller died in the service of the people of the City of Fort Myers, enforcing the law. The lieutenant of his shift at the Fort Myers Police Department called Officer Jobbers-Miller a warrior. That is exactly what he was, a warrior protecting the people of Fort Myers from the evil that most people hope never to see. As a Police Officer, Jobbers-Miller was also a servant of God, ordained for the good of the community and the punishment of evil. The Apostle Paul makes clear in Romans 13:1-4 the God has ordained civil governments to protect the good and punish evil. Officer Jobbers-Miler, along with most law enforcement officers, likely never think of the reality that they are serving God’s plan and are ordained by God in the jobs.

God’s plan was not thwarted by the bullet fired by a desperate evil man the night of July 21st, 2018 when Officer Jobbers-Miller was shot. God’s plan was not thwarted when Officer Jobbers-Miller died several days later. It was not thwarted when any of the ninety-one (91) Law Enforcement Officers died in the line of duty this year. God was not surprised by these events or any other event in history. I believe It saddened God but did not surprise Him. Every act of evil, every sin saddens God and is an affront to God and His character.

The normal question asked at times like this is “why,” “why him,” “why now?” Neither I or anyone else has the direct answer to those questions. That is left to the knowledge of God. But what I can answer is ultimately God will be glorified through everything. One of Officer Jobbers-Miller’s supervisors reported that since the Officer was shot the Law Enforcement Community has grown much closer together, the community has gotten closer to the Police Department and shown tremendous support. This is something that is needed in most communities in America today. This event has affected many in the community as it does in every community that loses an officer in the line of duty. As a career law enforcement officer and teacher of God’s Word, I know that I may not always understand why events happen, but I remain confident that God knows why and has everything under control. I remain confident in God’s plan, and I know that ultimately God will be glorified in this world.

Ninety-one (91) men and women have given the life in the law enforcement service of the United States this year. Many more in other emergency services as well as our military. Each one sacrificing their lives for others. Each sacrifice should remind us of the one sacrifice above all others, the sacrifice Jesus made so that we could receive eternal life. Remember the men and women who have given their lives for you and respond the sacrifice Jesus made on your behalf. Perhaps one way God is glorified in the death of Officer Jobbers-Miller is in the salvation of men and women, boys and girls in the Fort Myers area.

Please pray for the family of Officer Jobbers-Miller, the Fort Myers Police Department, all Law Enforcement in Lee County Florida. Pray for the community in South West Florida to come together in support of Law Enforcement and work to hold back the evil present in our streets. Pray that God will use the events of the last few weeks to bring glory to Himself. Pray for the salvation of men and women, boys and girls in South West Florida.