Friendship Grace Brethren Church

Covid-19 Reopening Plan Draft

May 2, 2020

Phase One

With Federal, State, and Local Covid-19 restrictions moving into recovery phase one the Friendship Grace Brethren Church plans to do the following:

  1. Return to In-person services Sunday, May 10, 2020
  2. Limit close contact in gatherings to family units; family units will remain separated from other family units by at least 6 feet, no hugs, handshakes, etc.
  3. The auditorium will be arranged to space seating out, keeping a 6-foot minimum distance between family units
  4. Only bottled water will be available during services. Members and Friends are encouraged to bring their own drinks from home or drive through commercial establishments.
  5. FGBC will not have any food carry-ins until we return to full and normal operations after Federal, State, and Local authorities have advised our area is free from restrictions
  6. Bathrooms will be cleaned before every service and available for use. However, use is discouraged
  7. No Bulletins will be printed or distributed, and all other paper materials will be removed from the auditorium to prevent handling material handled by others
  8. Those who are immuno-compromised, have severe asthma, or other conditions that make them more vulnerable influenza and Covid-19 are discouraged from attending in person. We will continue to stream our Sunday services as well as utilizing Zoom for Wednesday evening Family Bible study. This will be continually reevaluated for effectiveness.

Phase Two

When Federal, State, and local authorities move to phase two of the recovery Friendship Grace Brethren Church will comply. Since the restrictions, if any, in phase two have not yet been released, we are limited in announcing our plans. It is anticipated that phase two will most likely be sometime in May. FGBC plans to return to full and normal operations as soon as possible, prayerfully, in May or June 2020.