Explore the Premium Sermons Manager


A Premium WordPress Extension for Churches

Passage comes fully loaded with a new premium Sermons Manager. It’s broken down into two parts:

  1. Sermons allows users to add/edit sermons, play media added to a sermon, and link sermons to each other with the use of categories.
  2. Sermon Players includes the ability to build custom “players”, with the ability to define custom structures, styles, and functionality for any one of these. These players can then be used (multiple times) by assigning them to a sermon – the sermon will then take on the structure, style, and functionality of that Sermon Player.

Better yet, sermons and sermon players both generate a shortcode – so you can add these across your site.


How Users Interact


Community | Family | One

You have some options here – Self hosted, YouTube & Vimeo are all acceptable file formats.


Community | Family | One

Audio files provide users with a solid option when video isn’t the preferred method.


Community | Family | One

Text can be used as an excerpt, for SEO purposes, or as a way to include additional information and material for users.


Community | Family | One

Download is a great option for users who want the material in hand, or need a fallback.


We’ve done a ton of work to make our sermons powerful & easy to use. You can use the built in templates to get started quickly, or you can create/customize your own with our premium Visual Composer extensions.

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