Name: Pastor Rich Schnieders
Title/Position: Pastor
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 239-267-7568
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Sermon Name Sermon Series Date Speaker
Being Built By God 1st Peter, Sermons March 8, 2018
Is Genesis History Bible Study #11 March 11, 2018 Is Genesis History?, Sunday School March 11, 2018
Life in the Home 1st Peter, Sermons March 8, 2018
Prepare for Action 1st Peter, Sermons March 8, 2018
Relationships in the World 1st Peter 3:13-22 1st Peter, Sermons March 12, 2018
We Are All Subjects 1st Peter, Sermons March 8, 2018

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Post Name Categories Date Author
Dallas Ambush July 7, 2016 Rich Words July 8, 2016
Las Vegas Shooting, The Churches Response Rich Words October 3, 2017
My Response to the Parkland Shootings Blog February 26, 2018
Protecting Churches from Gun Violence Rich Words December 18, 2015