After Hours is meant as a way to have community with others believers that are not able to go to church in a traditional setting and at a traditional time. The world that we live in requires workers to work late hours, weekends and ,odd times compared to the traditional work schedule that social norms prescribe. After Hours is meant for the person who has to work late shifts  or closing shifts in the retail world. Southwest Florida is booming with new shops, stores and places to buy goods but the challenge is the workers that are behind the register or stocking the shelves. Their Physical needs like food and shelter are provided but they thirst for knowledge of a savor that sent his son to pay the ultimate price. After hours is not meant to just be a Bible study but a sense where you socialize with other believers while learning about God’s word. We take prayer requests and ask for help of others in our lives but we are able to help.


The challenge with working in retail is you are not able to build relationships with other Christ Believers.  Workers struggle with their sleep schedules and personal relationships. After Hours provides a way to build personal relationships in a non-threating location where you can grab a burger and fries while learning about the Bible. We start with an overview and as the group asks questions that are sparked we go deeper into God’s word. Many people struggle with new places and meeting new people so the aspect of going to a new place at a odd hour can be challenging or a roadblock. This is why After hours meets at a local chain Restaurant in the back where the staff has grown to know what we are going to order and what we are there to study. Many churches and religious groups think that church has to be at a certain place, certain time on a certain day but this is not true.


The hope and mission of After hours is to provide a place where believers can learn about God in such a way that they can provide for themselves and their families. In addition, to a way that they are able to feed their desire to grow the relationship that God wants them to have with him. Jesus command all of us to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth and this is our hope and our desire. Building relationships with God and each other while eating a tasty Burger, cold milk shake and great company with the good book.



Come join us! We meet at 10 pm every Wednesday at Steak n’ Shake!

Steak n’ Shake – 8950 Colonial Center Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33905

call (239)267-7568 or text (239)848-2885

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